kat eyes: How to have class, kitschy kitsch style

Kitsch had a class SLC, Utah style!
I just got off the plane
from my return home
and have SO many memories
I just have to share!

Saturday 12-11-10 Kitsch had class at
We had our class in the "Blue Room"
an appropriate color for Kitsch.
The room was full of CLASSY ladies
and we all left inspired,
and on a Sugar Cookie high!!

There was LOTS of giveaways for everyone!
Everyone left with one or two of Kat's favorite things.
Everyone also left with Kat's beauty workbook
(full of all my secrets). 

 Now, doesn't this table look
Good enough to eat, right?

"Life is good.
 Let's make today
VERY good"

Kitschy candies.

The sugar cookies.

 Mint brownies.

  Play time!!!

 Meet some of the attendees:
Ange (the owner of The Chocolate)  with Dottie.
They also happen to be my BFFs.

 Danielle, my blond sister. 

 Julie and Darlene.

 Dot and Chelsea relaxing after class.

You can be proud of me,
I actually shot these pics myself - in manual :)

Thanks to all the ladies who attended
and made the class so fun!
You are all beautiful confidant women!!

For those of you who couldn't attend this time,
here is a little "sneak" from a page of my workbook.


Kat’s Makeup Bag on-the-go Essentials:

These are the items I buy specifically for my makeup bag on-the-go. I use it to apply or reapply at work, in the car, at the park, or anywhere you find yourself away from home without all your makeup. Buy an extra of these items and keep them handy. You can do a whole face start to finish with the items listed below.

Translucent powder – to blot your face to even out skin tones or oiliness. Also, to prep and set lips for lipstick.

Crème Blush – for reapplying your blush, and for using as a lip color, and even as an eyeshadow crease color.

Lip Gloss – because every girl needs a gloss in her purse!

Nude Lipliner – keep one in your on-the-go bag at all times! You can use your nude lipliner with all your shades of lipstick. Just switch out your lipstick shade without trying to coordinate every lipstick with matching lip pencil. The idea of the nude lipliner is not to be seen, but to be used as a parameter, or boarder, around the lips so lipstick won’t travel or feather.

Chubby Eyliner Pencil – in a dark shade, like brown or black, that you can use as a eyeliner or even as an eyeshadow for your crease. You can also use it for a smoky eye effect.

Lip Moisturizer – there is nothing worse than dry chapped lips to ruin your day. Keep your lip moisturizer of choice handy at all times.

Mascara – obviously, for applying to your eyelashes, but also great to hide a grey hair on your hairline or part.

Cotton Swabs – Keep a Q-tip handy! Nothing is worse than blinking while you apply your mascara and having nothing to clean it up with.


Missy Baileys said...

love the pics!! i want some of those Mint brownies!!!!!! :) mmm ;)and of course the table looked delicious!!! :) kisses FOllow you!!

Alisha said...

Love the blog. Now following x


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there. Do another class in Salt Lake soon.

Danielle said...

Why did you post that picture of me making that stupid face?

At least you got a shot of my better (back) side on the photo above. This blonde knows how to rock a bootie.

Balance right?....

Dahl said...

This looks like a ton of fun!! I love the mint brownies yum yum!! But even more appetizing is that make-up table...i love to apply make-up!! Cool blog, love the background music! Am following now :) http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

Erin O. said...

I can't say enough good things about your class. TRULY FABULOUS. Your message needs to be heard by the masses. I left with self-confidence and great strategies that I can apply.

I also was able to determine that 6...count 'em...SIX of my lip gloss tubes were rancid. Plus, the MAC plushgloss that you hooked me up with is DREAMY and I would have never in a million years picked out that color for myself.

LOVE Kitsch has Class!