here kitschy kitschy: christmas

Here kitschy kitschy kitschy......
we all want it,
but is it TOO ridiculous
to ask for it 
for Christmas?

So we covet,
love it,
and sometimes find a way

What do I lust for this Christmas???

This one is easy.
I've had my eye on it for awhile now.
Then I saw Blaire Waldorf
wearing it on Gossip Girl.

You guessed it...
The Tiffany's key pendant.
I LOVE them all!!!

But if I had to choose,
Yep, gold.
Breaking away a bit from
my usual silver.
I just think the gold key is
a little sexier.

Tiffany's Oval Key Pendant $1,400

Isn't she lovely?


Alisha said...

Love it


Tyler Jorgenson said...

You could always have that made in LA for $300.

shoe-radar.com said...

So cute! That tiffany is going to be on my wish list! xoxo