Red Carpet at the Golden Globes 2011

I love award shows...
well, I mean, I LOVE the red carpet
for the award shows.
This year's Golden Globes
was a little disappointing for me.
Not a lot of "I loves" but there were a few
ladies "who showed", up in my book.

Let's start with my favorite:
Anne Hathaway
My favorite FRONT and BACK.
Love the gold, the glitter, the shoulder pads,  and the silhouette.

Lea Michele

Love this baby pink dress with her turquoise jewelry!
The dress fits her perfectly and its amazing.
Her look seemed so effortless.

Olivia Wilde
Her dress was beautiful, but somewhat predictable.
What made her look amazing were her daring gold
booties - Dazzlers, if you will.
And her hair was perfect; cut, color, style...perfect!

Angelina Jolie
Why did her dress catch me by such surprise?
Was it the color (when she usually sticks to black),
or was it the fact that she wasn't showing any skin?
Either way, I found it simply pleasing.

Christina Hendricks
Hello RED!  She is my favorite, every time.
Love that she wore the LRD.

Sophia Vergara
Not only is she on my favorite show,
but she is FUNNY and HOT!
Did you hear her "I already have two Golden Globes" joke?

I'm looking forward to the Oscars this weekend.
I hope to see more HOT PINK,
and some starlets who bring their A game.


Sherrie Barrick said...

I have to agree not a ton of amazing dresses this year for whatever reason. The styles where just different, very Dynasty in a weird way. I liked most of the same gowns, although I can't quite imagine what Olivia Wilde was thinking when she picked those booties. Did you see the spikes on those things??? Scary.

Tereza Anton said...

Anne is my favorite too. She is so beautiful :)

nluvwshoes said...

I think Eva tore it up! xoxo

A said...

I thought the clothes were very Dynasty as well! I liked Lea Michele and Olivia Wilde, but maybe because I look terrible in the style worn by Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie I was not a fan of their dresses. Love you though!!