Vegas Volt

This shoot was inspired by Vegas Volt
a totally great MAC lipstick that I fell in love with instantly.
The other inspiration came from
Nana's old pearl clip-on earrings that she gave me before she died.
Totally vintage.

The models for our shoot were Kara Keough and Kyle Bosworth
(can you say Housewives of Orange County and NFL?)
They were totally smokin' HOT!

The occasion was a photoshoot for a workshop for

Eyeliner: Prussian
Cheeks: Goddess
Eyeshadow: Nylon
Lipstick: Vegas Volt
Nail Polish: Channel Heatwave
Pencil Skirt: BCBG
Blue Suede Stillettos:  Steve Madden
Peacock Feather Hairpiece:  made by Kat :)
A special thanks to my fantastic assistant Diana Lopez from Hello Beautiful salon.

Thanks to Flo's Cafe at the Chino Airport for letting us use their very vintage lunch counter.
I hear their also famous for their bisquits and gravy. 


Brooke said...

FANTASTIC WORK! I love everything about this! She is HOT! If was skinny, didn't have an enormous nose, and lived in the great California sun, I would make you choose me for your next model. You would have no choice. Lucky for you I have all those nasty flaws! Seriously though, your the master!

Danielle said...

THIS IS AWESOME! I was just thinking last night while I was UP ALL NIGHT that you should have a place to keep me updated on all the latest HOT things so that I can TRY to keep the Mom stink off me....

GREAT blog!

Kendra said...

L-O-V-E it! Love the vintage shots! Amazing. You are so talented!

Alicia said...

I am in love.

Erin Oltmanns said...

YOWSA. That photoshoot is hot, hot, hot.

angela edelbrock said...

Kamee is just fabulous!!

Todd Family said...

Love it too! Good job! So did you take the pictures too or put the hair and make up and outfit together for the shoot? you are awesome!

Camille said...

W.O.W!! Gorgeous models, beautiful fashion, and excellent photography. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Kara is an incredibly smart, talented, and beautiful young woman. I'm glad to see her doing well post-RHOOC. This is a gorgeous post, the photography is amazing. Glad I found your site!