kat snip: Summer hair care

Summer  is not over yet,
and from what I've seen in the salon the last few weeks
it looks as if we could ALL use a refresher course
on how to care for your lovely locks out in the summer sun.

Let's start with PREVENTION.

1- Cover your hair with a hat (as shown in pic above). 
A hat will protect hair from sun and wind. 
I love hats, love, love, love them. 
Another major plus - they also protect your face from the sun.

2- If your going to get your hair wet in the pool,
soak it first in fresh water from the shower. 
Hair is porous like a sponge so fill your hair first with clean water
and it won't absorb the chlorinated water from the pool.

3- Use a great Shampoo like Frederic Fekkai's
Marine Clean Detox Shampoo which
gently detoxifies hair leaving it free from chlorine. 
Plus it has SPF to prevent fading. 

4- Spray hair with SPF protection.
I love Paul Mitchell's Color Protect Spray
I keep it in my beach bag and use it liberally. 
 It also give my hair a little shine.

Ladies, if its too late? 
Then it's time to get started on some
serious repair TREATMENT!

1- I'd start with a REALLY aggressive shampoo and conditioning treatment. 
I LOVE everything that Bonacure by Schwarzkopf has in a bottle,
but their repair system kicks @$$.

2- If you are not already using this anyway - now you really NEED to.  
It is the Moroccan Oil Treatment. 
It will turn your straw into gold. 
Apply to wet hair after shampooing and conditioning pre blow out. 
Apply from your ponytail down,
or from where you would place the elastic for a ponytail down to the ends. 
Do not apply to close to your scalp or you will get real greeeezzy :)
Every Fall SO many of my clients come into the salon
 and we end up cutting off A LOT of hair. 
Damaged, dry, nasty summer hair that has been neglected. 
Just remember you can fake hair color or change your haircut anytime,
but you CAN'T fake shiny healthy hair.


Tara said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Moroccan Oil. Use it everyday and it works magic. I also use the Shampoo and Conditioner...they all smell AMAZING too!

Amanda said...

I have used that Moroccan Oil for the last couple years and it the miracle syrup for crazy afro! love that stuff; no scratch that - I NEED it.