Why Kitsch?

Why Kitsch?
Because my inspiration comes from ART of all forms
and I use my own medium to I replicate it.
Many things inspire me;
a great shade of MAC lipstick,
an awesome pair of stilettos,
or even a favorite song.
Kitsch is produced for the masses,
eye candy
for all to enjoy.


Jeff-Re/Max said...

I think you are awesome babe and are so very creative. I love and support all you do!!!

Sarah Shumway said...

Kat, you are still my guru! I love the blog page. Ieverone in Pittsburgh will get a link so that they can get that "Kat style"! I swerar that I will end up on the West Coast one day and you are the only sylist I will see! P.S. Loved the photo shoot. When I go pro I will do em for you just to get a chance to see you! Hope you are doing great. Miss ya girl! Even a DECADE later! -Hutchins (Sarah Shum)

Sarah shumway said...

P.S. I am still at bellasarah80@hotmail.com and 915-383-3178. Gimmie a call when you are free. I would love to catch up! -Sarah