"Mom Stink": Acrylic French Tip Nails

For my first addition of "Mom Stink"
I chose the biggest offender
You are KILLING me with these.

What is "Mom Stink" you ask?
It's what we are all doing that screams to the world around us,
"I am a Mom and I've lost touch with my inner Diva!"
It's what is keeping you from getting checked out by the hot guy in the car next to you
or from getting the student discount at the movie theatre.
This may hurt, but "Mom Stink"
(as coined by my totally clever sister Dee Bucket)
is here to help!

Somewhere circa 1990 this trend got popular.
It is now 2010 so let's get with the times.
Besides the fact that acrylic nails are completely unsanitary -eewwww!
They are just TOO Jersey Shore.

They have been replaced by the short dark nail trend,
which happens to be less "try hard" and more natural anyway.

So to help you on your journey here are some of my favorite colors:

Essie Wicked
Opi Lincoln Park after Dark
Chanel Vamp
MAC Nocturnell
Opi You Don't Know Jaques

They don't have to be black.
Try a dark red, purple, or blue!

Now go wash that "Mom Stink" off you!!!


Danielle said...
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Danielle said...

Dude- my comments arent' posting...watch this one post, since it says nothing....

Erin O. said...

Love the short dark nails. I was complaining to the girl that waxes my brows that my nail polish chips off after one day. Her answer? "Well, you're a mom." GAH.

Ms. Dottie said...

Finally I am sick of the french tip!! I have almost all of those colors I'm a fan of the short dark nails...so I can still be cute on the ramp!!

meredith merriman said...

What about the french tip pedicures? Now those kill me almost as much as acrylic french tips do.

Laurel said...

"Mom Stink". That's funny.

And yes, the french tip pedicures are even worse in my book. They gross me out! Why would anyone want their toenails to look nice and long like that? Ewww.

Short nails are my friend. Especially once I had my daughter I realized the many benefits of short nails. Love.

Anonymous said...

So there is this new type of jell that goes on real nails, last longer than polish up to 6 weeks...nail salons don't like to do it cuase it will fade out the fake nails for sure...anyways you all should look into it...got it done and love it...mine started to peel off at about 3 weeks but I am a mom and a server but 8 out of 10 fingers still look good.


Kat said...

Yes Paige! It's called Oxxium and its made by Opi. It is very similiar to getting gel nails, but the gel is a Opi polish color and you just put it over the natural nail. You do have to brush the product on and use a gel setting blue light. It is amazing and I think you're right about it being the next big thing!

kamee said...

hahahhahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! laughing my arse off!!!!!!!