is one of my favorite new eyeliners from MAC and so it became
the inspiration for this shoot.
They launched this Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner with their "Dirty" campaign
and it's meant to be smeared into the lid as an eye shadow or used as a liner.
It's so smudgy and laced with gold sparkles.

  I got my hands on Keiri (our HOT model) a few days before the shoot
to cut and color her hair,
which, gave this shoot a little more of my signature.
Keiri has so much depth and texture to her that each shot is so unique.
Plan on seeing a lot of Keiri in the future.

Hair color, cut, styling, makeup, and wardrobing was done by me.
Photos taken by the fabulous kameejune.
Model Keiri Larson.


Tonya Joy said...

i need a makeover...wish i was brave enough to let you do it :) I think I just need you to go buy me a bunch of product from MAC...

Amanda said...

SO Stunning!! The pics - the hair - the make up - everything. LOve it ♥

Danielle said...

I Like her......like more than a friend.

Anonymous said...

ive always wanted to cut my hair like this!! (okay like the past year.. maybe) but i love my long hair too much!
make me do it katrina! (if you think i could even pull it off)
-Shandy Lynn