how to "prep" your wedding day makeup

 I have been so excited to post some pictures
from my cousin Courtney's wedding this summer.
I contacted her photographer Whitney Shey
from Whitney Darling Photography to see if she would
let me post some of her beautiful images.

Courtney married Erik in Newport Beach
and I was thrilled when she asked me to do her hair and makeup.
She was a stunning bride and her day was dreamy.

The most difficult aspect of Bridal makeup is longevity.
Your wedding day is long and full of tears, hugs,
and even a little perspiration.
All these things tend to make your makeup
travel, smudge, or fade.
Here is a list of my favorite "Primers" and "Preppers"
for an all day STAY for brides, bridesmaids, and the like:

 1- MAC Prep and Prime: I always start with this to control oil, fill in fine lines, and to keep that darn makeup on your face.

2- MAC Fix Plus:  I use this to spray the whole face when
I'm finished to set the makeup.  I also use it to refresh the
face before I do touch ups.

3- MAC Pro Longwear in Durashell or Unchanging: I always prep
 a nude lip with this before I apply lipstick our gloss. 
 It leaves a sticky foundation that holds
on to lip color all day.  Kiss proof too!

4- MAC Creme Shadow in Pearl:  I never forget to start
 an eye application with out this as my base.  It keeps eyeshadow pigment vibrant and holds eyeshadow in place all day.

Here are some more pics of Courtney and Erik's big day:

They had the most adorable photo booth
with random props that made us all smile.
Here I am with my Mom and Dad.
Now you see where I get my sense of style :)


Alicia said...

Oh, Karen and DUTCH!!!
These pictures are fab, Sis. Great job.

Tereza said...

They are so cute and sweet.

Sherry said...

Awww!!! Such sweet pictures and she looks absolutely stunning!!!! Great tips and products!! I'm loving your blog!!! :)


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