kat eyes: the drugstore dirty dozen

Recession got you down?

Have you had to skip the
department store makeup counters
 and settle for a little CVS,
Target, or Wally World
for your cosmetic fix lately?
Don't let the economy get the best of you!
Here is my
"Dirty Dozen"
for a drugstore savvy shopping spree.
These are my favorite finds at Target.
So, grab your POPCORN
and SODA combo...
and ENJOY!!!

Cetaphil cleanser $8-10
Gentle for all skin types!

Oil of Olay Complete Moisturizer $6-8
Moisture/SPF/Oil free - awesomeness!
I grew up watching my mom use Olay.
The smell always reminds me of her.

Maybelline Great Lash BIG $3.34
An improvement on a classic favorite.
Go BIG, you'll thank me.

Ardell lashes in 105 or 110  $3.49
Lashes aren't just for Dolly Parton.
Try 'em.

HiP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner $7-10
Compare to MAC's awesome Fluidline eyeliners.

Loreal Colour Juice in Watermelon Crush $7-8
Go Lil' Mama!!! 
Anyone can wear this color.

Covergirl Cheekers in Natural Twinkle $6-8
This has been around FOREVER, but its a classic.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Raven's Wing $5-7
This is a NEW favorite of mine - love, love, love it!!!

Covergirl's new Smoky Shadow Blast $7.49
I tried this horrible blue color first, total lapse in judgment.
Try the SILVER shade, much better!
Loreal Glam Bronze Highlighter $10-12
I love this highlighter for that youthful glow.
Another Oldie but a Goodie.

Sonia Kushuk Brush Set $12
Comes in this cute makeup bag.
She makes great quality brushes for an amazing price.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain $8-10
They blow off the shelves, for good reason,
they have great easy to wear colors.

Try them all!
Happy shopping!!


Erin O. said...

This list is made of awesome. It's always great to know who makes a great (inexpensive) brush set.

Fashion Limbo said...

that Maybelline eye mascara has been the best around for a few years now, and I just don't why I bought a different one a few months ago (listened to a little sister who knew NOTHING on the topic, of course, love her to bits, though) I will be going back this, and being on a budget this entire post has helped a lot.

Paige said...

I have really dry skin and have sworn by good old Ponds Cold Cream for several years. It removes the makeup and moisturizes in one fell swoop. I also like the Maybelline Stiletto liquid eyeliner pen. The tip is precise and stays wet enough to do the entire eye and it lasts all day.

I also like the Maybelline XXL Pro washable. It is one with the two ends. One is a basecoat and one is a topcoat. I feel like I get massive lashes that last all day (and even all night when I am lazy).

Courtney Davey said...

What is a good but reasonably priced brand of foundation?

Michelle said...

What a great post!!! Any tips on how to apply the smokey shadow? Maybe an upcoming post? ;)

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