mom stink: sneakers

Tennis shoes, Cross Trainers
or kicks.
Whatever you call them,
why are Moms wearing them everywhere???

Usually my "mom stink" comes
from things that I, myself, also do.

This one is different.

I NEVER wear my trainers out and about.
This "mom stink" came from one LONG
hard day standing in line at Disneyland.

Come on Mommies!
I expect more of you.
Britney gives me an infinite amount of "mom stink" examples :)

You should only sport your cross trainers if:
1- You are actually working out.
2- You work at Lady Footlocker.
3- You are a Nurse (this one may even be border line)
and you ARE working.
4- You are participating in a team sport.
5- You are Ellen Degeneres, or, are dating her.

Well, I always try to give good helpful advice for "mom stink".
This one is easy...


Stop cold turkey!!!
No more trainers anywhere.

Try an alternative, kitsch approved,
 comfortable and stylish shoe,
not found at a Sports Warehouse:

Flat boot,

Now go wash that "mom stink" off you!!! 


The Galloway Clan said...

I am the biggest offender of this. Pregnancy was not kind to my already abnormal feet and it seems like I'm always running. Ugh!

Danielle said...

What? What's wrong with my 5 yr old Nike's with paint all over them? I think they make me look authentic. No?

Well....Jon just bought me some new ones. He insisted. They are silver and so cute. I can't wait to wear them to harmons with my sweats (also adorned with paint stains). I think it makes me look artistic.

Jon also just bought me some new flat boots. I probably won't wear them.

Damn. What's wrong with a little stink?

MADMSL said...

I do agree, the trainer wearing could be a lot more chic and less bleak.
I love the post, comical, yet straight forward.
I'm following!

jen said...

I wear converse chuck taylor sneakers in off white for exactly this reason!

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