mom stink: purses

Why is it that once we become a Mom
our bag weighs over 25 lbs and is lined with plastic?
It is so NOT sexy!
I can survive off the contents of my purse
 for literally 72 hours.
Does this look familiar?

And why the TACKY looking bags
 that scream "I am a MOM"???

To AVOID becoming this woman:

Let's follow some basic rules.....

1- If your youngest child now attends High School then it's time to get rid of your diaper bag.

2- If your bag outweighs you.....yep, time to get a new one.

3- If you have back and shoulder pain ON ONE SIDE, and that is the side you carry your bag on.....time for a new bag.

4- If you can't get through airport security in ONE try and they have to question you regarding the contents of your bag.....you have WAY too much stuff in that bag!!!

Here is a Mama Kat secret.
I still tote the diaper and wipes scenario.
I have a large bag.
I call it a BAG because it is
 too large to be called a PURSE.
I like to carry a small clutch inside my bag.
I bring out the clutch for lunch with friends,
personal appointments, movies,
Dinner with the hubby,etc.
I take my large bag to work
and pull out my cute clutch
when I run out to
do an errand or grab lunch.

It's OK ditch that bag every once in awhile.
It's TOTALLY liberating!!!

Try a HOBO.
A girlfriend turned me onto this brand.
They are totally chic and modern
with lots of organizational features for the OCD mom.

Now save yourself from Scoliosis
and get a clutch inside that
big ol' bag of yours.

Now go wash that mom stink off you!!!


K Jackson said...

So hilarious. Love these...great way to start the day. Yep, Diet Coke in hand ;)

Lamb Fam said...

I couldn't survive without my HOBO(s). LOVE them!

Amelia said...

Excellent advice. Can I request a post on getting the mom stink off while pregnant? Struggling for anything stylish... advice? Save me from myself Kat!

Miss Outfit said...


I nominated you for the 'Versatile blogger' award on my blog. You can read more about it at : http://missoutfit.blogspot.com !

Love Miss Outfit

tonya joy said...

so funny!

Kat said...

Amelia!!! Pregnancy fashion is so tricky! Even if you look FAB you never feel like it. Good idea.....I think I need to do a pregnancy style makeover. ANY volunteers???

Mutation's Cantation said...

urban has great knockoff HOBO wallets for $10ish. it is a nice alternative.

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