Great Gatsby
was the 1920's inspiration for this shoot.
I wanted a modern twist on the classic styles of 1920's era.
Gingerly was the perfect blush
with an oh-so-perfect Fitzgerald-ish ring to it.
I needed a matte and muted cheek
to pair with my bold lips.
I used Diva by MAC to twist
the classic red pout of the era
for a more modern berry color.

Here is the style board for the first shoot:

 And here are the beautiful pics: 

The inspiration for the couple shoot
came from these two style boards,
and the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald:

And here are the amazing Ashley "Daisy"
and Vince "Gatsby" looking quite debonaire:

All the shots were taken by Kamee June
at a photographers workshop for Kamee June Photography.
Click the link to learn more!


Fashion Ranger said...

Lovely photos. :')

tonya joy said...

love your style boards so much! it came out so well!

Ray said...

I actually read The Great Gatsby my sophomore year in high school--and I love seeing it come to life in these photos. They're full of character and gorgeous. It really makes you appreciate the times in history and vintage. Great post!

Amanda said...

The colours are so pretty- love the vintage vibe! X

M for CityStyle said...

Fabulous pics & great outfits!