Meet Hannah a Classic Bride.
So stunning and effortlessly beautiful.
Girlie is the name of the MAC eyeshadow I used .
I also used Please Me lipstick and clear lipglass.

Hannah is wearing individual eyelashes 
on her top and bottom lash lines.
The dress was a remnant piece of dupioni silk
that is held together by a few stitches and a broach.
Jewelry is my own and the tulle is straight from the bolt.
An interesting note...Hannah isn't wearing any shoes. Lol!
She traipsed around this field in her bare feet
suffering for the cause
and creating these ethereal images.

Thanks Hannah!
And thanks to Kamee June Photography for the images
and Rachel Claire Photography for the sharing in our vision! 


And that's a WRAP!!!


Lisa said...

She is SO beautiful! I LOVE her nose!

One Girl's Wanderlust / Moda de la Mode said...

These photos are STUNNING she is so beautiful and the light is so pretty. Feel free to check out my blog sometime soon...


Ronda said...

Hannah, I am so proud of you! These pictures are beautiful! Love you, Aunt Ronda :P

Francesca B. said...

WOW, your blog is great and this pics are amazing :D
Following you from now on :D
Take care

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