kitsch style makeover: meredith

" I learned a lot during our time together.
Katrina got me thinking outside of the box and even got me in WHITE pants! White!
I think the biggest thing I learned is to use what I have and to accessorize. Who would have thought that throwing a belt on a dress would make it look brand new? I spent boatloads (ok, so maybe not boatloads) but more than I would like to admit on that dress, only to wear it once. Now I feel like I can get more use out of it! Throw on a necklace and a bracelet with a plain tee and you can instantly elevate your look. I would have never thought to wear a turquoise necklace and bracelet with my blue and white stripped t-shirt, but it worked.
Before this makeover I used to only buy accessories (jewelry) if the colors matched perfectly, which hardly ever happened. That meant I never ended up wearing any accessories unless they were silver or gold. Katrina taught me that contrast is good and the accessories don’t always have to match perfectly. That pencil skirt and the black top with the blue accessories?! Genius! I normally would have worn silver with that, which I still could, but the blue is more fun.
There was one dress Katrina handed me at Target and insisted that I try it on. My first thought was that it looked like something my mom would pick out but I tried it on anyway. The dress fit but still doubted it. Katrina told me to add a belt and a cute pair of wedges and the dress would work, so I trusted her. When I got home, I tried the dress on for my husband (without the accessories) and he didn’t like it. I left the room and came back accessorized (belt, cute shoes and some jewelry) and he thought I looked great! See?! It’s amazing what accessories can do to an outfit.
My husband even appreciates my makeover!
He likes my new look and he likes my organized closet even more.

There are three people I need to thank…
My husband for putting up with my million trips to the mall and Target, and for letting us girls take over the house.
My wonderful friend Lindsay of Lindsay Chavez Photo. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos and for just being you.
And last, but not least, Katrina. Thank you so much for your friendship and your fashion expertise through the years. Thanks for making me think outside of the box and for putting up with me throughout this process. Because of your love and encouragement, I feel better than I have in years and I’m finally out of my clothing rut!
This experience was such an eye-opener for me and so much fun! If you are thinking about doing a makeover with Kat, do it! I promise you won’t regret it."

Meredith Merriman

BIG thanks to Lindsay Chavez of Lindsay Chavez Photo!
Thanks for the beautiful pictures and all the laughs!!


Renee said...

Meredith, you look AMAZING!!!! I am going to have to check out all of your accessories to see if I can make them. :)

Danielle said...

She is so cute, and I want to be her best friend.

Meredith said...

Thank you so, so, so much for everything!

Anonymous said...

Hawt Daym! Looking HOT MM. I love the one with you in BLUE, my favorite picture of you. Too bad, we cannot wear these beautiful accessories to work anymore :/
Great pics! Great makeover!


doreen said...

You look GREAT Meredith! Love the RED!

Camille Turner-Mason said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Meredith looks AH-mazing!!!

Lara Caselli said...

I realy enjoyed the concept of the style makeover... It's awesome when people give a little hand to others on finding what works best on them. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

She looks great! Kudos!

Stop by my blog some time :)

Vanessa said...

What does a girl gotta do to get a makeover? I am a 31 yr old frumpy mama of two. DO you ever do classes in OC? How much do you charge for a spring wardrobe makeover/?

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