kat walk: how to pack for the big apple

Do these people look HAPPY to you?
That's because they are on there way to New York City!
(and I can't believe I posted a picture of me without makeup!)
So I asked my friend Kam to let me pack her bags...
Aren't I a lovely friend?
I wanted to use as few items as possible
and still prepare her for chilly New York City.

Here is the list:

2 pair pants (black and denim)
1 warm winter coat with hat and gloves
2 pair boots (brown and black)
3 blouses
1 bright dress
3 sweaters
2 belts
2 scarves
and a handful of jewelry.

One of those adorable bag needs to fit all Kam's camera equipment
AND we need lots of extra room to for all of her shopping!

So here is what we came up with:
Love the red accent in her necklace.
I also love the brown and black together!

 DAY 2
We talked about this being a great travel out fit because the blouse is
comfy and loose.  She can also use her pashmina as a blanket on the airplane.

I love to mix patterns like the floral in her tank and the pebble pattern in
her scarf. The key is to stay in the same color family.  I love that this
outfit looks so effortless...even down to her little rosette earrings.

Day 4
Even though this ensemble is mostly neutral we added the gold jewelry and this
adorable mustard hat to make it POP!

Notice the adorable little keys on Kam's necklace.  It's so dainty!

We needed something BRIGHT to add to the repertoire.
This adorable dress looks SO cute over Kam's skinny jeans.
We added a little shrug for warmth that "off-matches" just right and
the teal bauble necklace makes the whole outfit feel fresh.
We added the skinny belt to accentuate Kam's waist because with all the layers
you can lose the slim lines of your body.

Truth is we are only going to be there 5 days but you always need a pinch hitter.
Here we used the item (blouse and jeans) that we are already packing and
adding two accents (ruffle sweater and statement necklace).
Make all your clothes work for you and you don't have to bring as many-
more room for fabulous NYC finds!!!

and ONE empty bag for all her shopping!


Gabbywray said...

Katrina, I wish I'd seen this before I went to Utah last month! Make a 5 day travel wardrobe for summer months, I would love it!!! Have fun..

Rachel Clare said...

Kam, you are SO CUTE!! :)

Jessycalouise said...

Cute outfits <3 I'm following.


RedPoppy said...

I love this post! How absolutely cute are you??? NYC is so much fun and knowing what to pack is key!
xo http://www.redpoppyfashion.blogspot.com

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