kitsch style makeover: meredith on "How to dress a Curvy and Petite Body"

How do you dress a CURVY and PETITE body?
Here are a few things to remember...

Accentuate the smallest part of your waist. 
This means that you look best
in clothes with an empire or high waist.

Floor length pants and dresses give the illusion of longer legs.
Wear wide leg pants where the seam falls
 straight from the hip making your legs look longer,
but avoid cropped or overly detailed jeans and pants.

V-neck shirts and scoop necks give a "Curvy Petite" body the
flattering hourglass effect, but avoid a crew necks
or turtle necks that may make you seem top heavy.

Know your body!!!
People with "Curvy Petite" bodies need to deal with the fact that MOST of their clothes WILL NEED to be tailored. 
Pants brought up at the hem.  Skirts and dresses shortened. 
The only way to avoid this is by shopping
 in the Petite section or at stores that have a
 "short, regular, long" option in their pants.

 Here are some examples:

Meredith and I had to laugh at this picture. 
 My waist comes to her bust line. 
Yes! Meredith is PETITE, just look at her next to me :)

Her Meredith is having her pants brought up. 
We are at Nordy's and they do this service free of charge.
Also, notice that her shirt is TOO long.
We had them pinch in the shoulder straps to shorten the shirt.
You could also have the shirt hemmed.
Ideally you want your shirt to hit somewhere between the top of your back pockets to the middle of the pocket. 
Shirts that are TOO long make you look smaller and heavier.

Here you can see where the break in the hem will be. 
Be conscious to wear shoes while being fitted that have
 a similar heel to the shoes that you will be wearingthe pants with.
This will insure they are tailored at the most appropriate length.

Hem skirts and dresses to accentuate the thinnest part of your leg.
You can see the difference here when Meredith folds
 the skirt up an inch or two.
The effect is lengthens the leg and
 is very flattering to Meredith's legs.
She's has some SEXY legs!!

Here are some outfits that I put together for Meredith.
Next post will be her "After" photo shoot.
You won't believe how adorable she looks.

White Denim Combos

Silk Scarves for Spring

 Light Jacket Combos

Spring Florals

Workin' It! 

 How to Stripe 

All Dressed up!


Anonymous said...

I want YOUR skirt!!! So cute! I need to find some summer skirts and cute sandals. I absolutely LOVE what you have done for Meredith. She looks so darling.
Love, MOM

Kat said...

Ha ha! Thanks Mom. You have me as your personal shopper anytime!!!

Rachel said...

Wow! These outfits are great! I need help with accessories. I like your combos!

The Ward Family said...

Great job!!

Tereza Anton said...

First of all: your mom ROCKS!!!
You did an amazing job with Meredith, you are really good.

Jessica said...

these are awesome!! i was trying to find some outfits for our family to wear at a photo session taken at a beach, and somehow ran across your page! i need to search to see if you have anything about how to dress a taller curvy gal with a stomach! :) love these ideas!! awesome!!!

Commercial Photographer Manchester said...

Photoshoot Makeover. Nice Posting...

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